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Available from the Society office:

   + gift pens for your speakers
   + mailing list of members, from which to start your local recruiting
   + help with the initial meeting of the chapter year
   + help finding speakers, or meeting ideas

Ideas for local meetings

  • Choco-Lottery: Insert prizes inside the candy, or ice cream sundae (coin, paper, toothpick, etc.)
  • Wine Tasting: Include some teaching by local wine seller. 
  • Mini Cooking Class: A local chef teaches the group how to make a desert or a quick meal.
  • Exercise-Lite: Stuff to do at your desk or in a quick break
  • Investing Face-off: What looks good (from a broker, or perhaps 2 “debating”)
  • Lessons I Wish I’d Learned an easier way: Brought by members, and shared
  • Donated prizes & QuickAuction: With funds donated to a charity. Include joke items?
  • Joke Door Prizes: Send members a message, such as: Look around the house, and find something you no longer need or want. Not junk, mind you. But something that has, let’s say, kind of limited appeal to your family. Perhaps a DVD you’ve watched and probably will never watch again. Or a box of pasta, not stale-dated, but something you’ll get the kids to eat. Perhaps one of the dozens of coffee mugs up in your cupboard -- nice, but no longer used. Bring it along, disguised in wrapping paper or maybe comics paper. We’ll use it as a door prize. Hopefully you won’t win it, right!!?
From September 2011 gathering


  • The participants shared chapter program ideas; most of which have been implemented.
  1.   + Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem
  2.   + Joe Sheehan – mortgage situation
  3.   + Law Enforcement – crime prevention, gang & meth activities, BCI detective, chaplaincy program
  4.   + National Guard – family services available, the effect of multiple deployments
  5.   + Pam Sharp – OMB
  6.   + Jim Poolman, Insurance Department
  7.   + Chamber of Commerce Exec. Director
  8.   + Development Association
  9.   + University president
  10.   + NDSU assessment project for Bismarck
  11.   + The RSVP+ Program
  12.   + Stock market update
  13.   + A picnic
  14.   + A golf outing and meal
  15.   + Research faculty member reports
  16.   + Holding a meeting onsite at a business, plus a plant tour
  17.   + Ken Tupa (NDSCPA legislative counsel)
  18.   + ND Governor
  19.   + Public Service Commission
  20.   + Oil development / impacts (Ron Ness)
  21.   + Basin Electric – environment; electricity demonstration
  22.   + Big Brothers / Big Sisters
  23.   + Lottery – prizes, their audit process
  24.   + Prison warden
  25.   + Junior Achievement
  26.   + Attorney “open forum”
  27.   + Tax Commissioner, Cory Fong
  28.   + NDSU Craig Bohl
  29.   + Nonprofits – economic impact being felt
  30.   + IFRS
  31.   + Sanford Health representative
  32.   + Dale Carnegie presentation

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