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CGMA: Scholarship opportunity

"CGMA Champions" is an AICPA program which features a scholarship with an estimated value of over $2,000.  It covers access to the CGMA program, learning resources, its February or May exam fees, plus credential fee when the exam is passed.

Our state has a number of spots in the program. We want you to be a Society member and to help spread the message about the CGMA program and the value of its learning opportunity with fellow members and employers. We may ask you to share your experience for the Society newsletter and website, and to possibly visit with a few employers.

For more details, go to:  cgma.org/CSSAchamps.

If you decide to complete an application, please let us know by emailing jabbott@ndcpas.org.

Becoming a CGMA

An in-person review course is available, to help prepare for the CGMA Exam. More info.

Practice protection

The unexpected does happen!  
Following are resources that may help protect your firm and clients.   A sample agreement is available for members, courtesy of the North Carolina CPA Association.


To check licensure (not all states participate).

Career Opportunities

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